IST01 Innovation Beyond Borders

Digitization allows physical objects or characteristics to be visualized and controlled through data, blurring ownership lines. Data owners now have increasing control over object owners. This new information power balance goes beyond digital and physical realms, changing the social framework.

IST02 Power of the Individual

The growing influence of the individual is changing social systems and business. Once harnessed, information possessed by an individual becomes the basis for creating new value, which in turn forms the foundation for the continuous growth and progression of companies and society in the future.

IST03 Social Impact of Technology

Technologies bring benefits while concurrently polarizing society into two groups: those who leverage technology and those who do not. To prevent growing social imbalance, people must change behavior to coexist with technologies while adapting culture and regulations.

IST04 Sustainable Society

Resolving global issues fosters open collaboration within society. Collective business strategies together with this transformation will encourage the expansion of global opportunities and resolve uneven resource allocations. A more sustainable society and business environment will be created.

TT01 Socially Accepted AI

As AI continues to permeate society, practical issues are emerging. Technology advancements that improve both the accuracy and ease of building AI will further expand its application. Additionally, ensuring transparency will create more socially accepted AI, accelerating its integration into society.

TT02 Usable Augmented Data

In an era where data quality dictates business success, more usable and complete data by augmentation will be critical as mixing good with bad data continues. The development of technologies that generate and refine data will expand the possibilities of data usage.

TT03 Digital Life Science

IT has progressed beyond promoting healthier behaviors and supporting medicine. Devices for monitoring enable at-will diagnosis and changes the way people engage medical care. IT involvement in genetic and cerebral disorders have also initiated research in incurable diseases and life extension.

TT04 Natural Interaction

Conversations between humans and machines are becoming a normal part of life. Machines respond to user instructions, emotions and the context of communication. As machines communicate more naturally, machines will provide people with new insights and assist human thinking.

TT05 Spatial Computing

Technology to capture real world environments has become commonplace, allowing the replication of objects and space in precise size and positional relationship. Generated environments with augmented information will become an entirely new medium transforming business and individual perception.

TT06 Quantum Leap in IT Infrastructure

Demands for accelerating system processing continues. Domain specific development infrastructures and entirely new computers are appearing. Consequently, the ability to select a high-speed infrastructure that enhances performance is now a requirement for businesses.

TT07 Personal Data for the Digital Era

Massive leaks are precipitating a global imperative to protect information. While personal data is becoming a security focal point, its value mandates active utilization by broad distribution. Balancing the utilization and protection of personal data has become a prerequisite for economic development.

TT08 Service Design Innovation

A design process that fosters services via continuous improvement builds a foundation for corporate competitiveness. Successful businesses use the flexibility of IT to take advantage of change through service design. Services, now the main driver of business change, will transform business operations.