NTT DATA Strengthens Partnership with CDP

September 13, 2023


TOKYO – September 13, 2023NTT DATA, a global digital business and IT services leader, today strengthened its strategic partnership with the international NGO CDP1 with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across supply chains.

NTT DATA has been collaborating with CDP in support of its mission2, including providing the C-Turtle service3, which utilizes information from CDP on the GHG emissions of companies to enhance the visibility of GHG emissions throughout supply chains. Through this partnership, NTT DATA will strengthen cooperation to optimize the responses to CDP questionnaires4 through C-Turtle, raise awareness of initiatives through joint promotions, and provide support for CDP secretariat operations using technical knowledge in areas such as generative AI.

NTT DATA will further strengthen its collaboration with CDP, and by providing consulting and solutions that lead to reductions in GHG emissions, contribute to the realization of carbon neutrality for society as a whole.


In August 2022, NTT DATA became the first Japanese company to conclude an agreement to license the use of global corporate GHG emissions data from CDP for its in-house developed platform. As a result, NTT DATA's GHG visualization platform "C-Turtle," by combining information collected by NTT DATA with data from CDP, is able to more efficiently visualize emissions through the "Company-wide Emission Allocation Method5."

In addition, CDP had expressed concerns that with the continual increase in the number of responses to the CDP questionnaire due to a heightened sense of crisis regarding climate change and demands from investors and financial institutions, the burden on the CDP secretariat for data confirmation and scoring is expected to increase further in the future.

NTT DATA decided to strengthen its strategic partnership with CDP in the belief that providing IT technical support for the CDP secretariat's operations, while at the same time expanding the functionality of C-Turtle so that users are able to respond to CDP questionnaires through the system, will contribute to the early realization of carbon neutrality for society as a whole.

NTT DATA's Past Initiatives

NTT DATA pursues initiatives related to climate change, including proactive information disclosure through responses to CDP questionnaires. In 2022, NTT DATA was recognized by CDP as an "A-List" company for climate change for demonstrating best practices related to environmental leadership, including comprehensive disclosure, awareness and management of environmental risks, and setting ambitious and meaningful goals. In addition, NTT DATA participates in the CDP Supply Chain program6, and has received acclaim for activities such as outreach and dialogue to enhance supplier engagement. Such efforts to counter climate change were featured in "CDP Stories of Change7" for two consecutive years as representative examples of changes that should be introduced worldwide. Further, in March 2022, NTT DATA became the first company in Japan to be recognized as a CDP Gold Accredited Solutions Provider8.

Overview of the Strategic Partnership with CDP

Through the strategic partnership, NTT DATA and CDP will mutually promote the use of C-Turtle and CDP's initiatives, contributing to the reduction of GHG emissions throughout the supply chain and the realization of carbon neutrality for society as a whole.

Specific initiatives are as follows:

  1. Optimization of the responses to CDP questionnaires through C-Turtle
    CDP sends out questionnaires to obtain environmental information from companies and local governments around the world, and collects the responses. This environmental data has become a global standard for environment-related disclosure. Up to now, while it has been possible to answer some sections of CDP questionnaires through C-Turtle, the platform will improve to allow responses for the entire questionnaire, mainly by expanding its functionality such as format examination. As a result, when companies respond to questionnaires on GHG emissions, it will be possible to systematically answer them in a comprehensive manner, from calculation to answer, using C-Turtle.
  2. Joint promotions
    Although awareness of the need for initiatives to address climate change is rapidly increasing among companies, further acceleration of efforts is necessary to achieve carbon neutrality. For this reason, NTT DATA and CDP will collaborate on joint promotional activities aimed at reducing GHG emissions. Specifically, both parties will jointly exhibit at exhibitions and webinars, present examples of climate change initiatives, and promote responses to CDP questionnaires on C-Turtle. Through these activities, NTT DATA and CDP will encourage investors, companies, and local governments to recognize their environmental impacts and take action to realize a sustainable society.
  3. Measures to further enhance the transparency of CDP secretariat operations
    Due to the growing sense of crisis in the field of climate change, and requests from investors and financial institutions, the number of responses to CDP questionnaires is expected to increase further in the future, resulting in a greater load on the CDP secretariat for data confirmation and scoring. In response, NTT DATA will consider ways to improve the transparency and integrity of CDP secretariat operations by utilizing its technical knowledge, such as providing generative AI and other tools to assist CDP response evaluators.


Dexter Galvin, CDP Chief Commercial Officer, commented: "NTT DATA and CDP have shared CDP's vision of a truly sustainable economy through disclosure. I am pleased that we have formed a robust partnership to realize that vision. This is an ambitious and unprecedented initiative for CDP, and I look forward to working with NTT DATA to create a successful model that can be applied globally."

Future Plans

Through its strategic partnership with CDP, NTT DATA will contribute to the reduction of GHG emissions throughout supply chains, and the expansion of environmental disclosure to CDP. In addition, by providing solutions and consulting that leads to reductions in GHG emissions, which are expected to increase in the future, NTT DATA will contribute to the realization of carbon neutrality for society as a whole.

NTT Green Innovation toward 2040

NTT Group announced its environmental vision "NTT Green Innovation toward 2040" on September 28, 2021, setting goals for FY2030 of an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (compared to FY2013), with carbon neutrality in the mobile and data centers businesses, and achieving full carbon neutrality by FY2040. NTT Group is expanding its initiatives for carbon neutrality to society at large, supporting the Japanese government's target of a 46% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (compared to FY2013) by FY2030, and carbon neutrality by 2050.


C-Turtle® | NTT DATA - GHG Emissions Visualization Platform (Japanese)

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  1. CDP is a not-for-profit charity that runs the global disclosure system for investors, companies, cities, states and regions to manage their environmental impacts.
  2. The CDP vision and mission states: "We want to see a thriving economy that works for people and planet in the long term. We focus investors, companies, cities and governments on building a sustainable economy by measuring and acting on their environmental impact."
  3. The C-Turtle service from NTT DATA is the first GHG emissions visualization platform in Japan that supports the "Company-wide Emission Allocation Method." (Japanese)
  4. The CDP sends out questionnaires to obtain environmental information from companies, based on requests from institutional investors engaged in ESG investment, and major purchasing companies dedicated to supplier engagement. Currently, there are three types of questionnaires for businesses, relating to climate change, forests, and water security. The content of the CDP questionnaire is revised annually based on feedback from various stakeholders such as investors, companies, and government agencies. Companies responding to this questionnaire is becoming an established method of disclosure for environmental information.
  5. The Company-wide Emission Allocation Method is a method of calculating emissions by multiplying activity volume (transaction value by supplier) by emission intensity by supplier (ratio of emissions per unit of sales by supplier), rather than using industry averages.
  6. The CDP Supply Chain is a program to request similar disclosure from the suppliers of companies that received a CDP questionnaire request.
  7. CDP Stories of Change is an annual publication featuring examples of reforms among advanced global companies.
  8. Related release: "NTT DATA Recognized as CDP Gold Accredited Solutions Provider"
  • C-Turtle is a registered trademark of NTT DATA Japan.
  • Other names of products, companies, and organizations are trademarks or registered trademarks of those companies.


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