NTT DATA Technology Foresight 2023 Released

January 24, 2023

NTT DATA Corporation

TOKYO – January 24, 2023NTT DATA, a global digital business and IT services leader, today released NTT DATA Technology Foresight 2023, its annual compilation of the latest trends in technology.
NTT DATA Technology Foresight utilizes wide-ranging and objective intelligence gathering to examine the current state of businesses that are achieving growth by making the most of IT, serving as a compass pointing the way to the future.
NTT DATA shares its medium- to long-term perspectives based on these trends with customers in order to support their strategic planning for the future. The report also indicates the technology strategies that NTT DATA aims to achieve globally based on such trends.


Social conditions continue to change significantly as a result of intensifying competition across industries and business categories, as well as environmental concerns and energy issues. Strategic planning based on medium- to long-term perspectives is essential for companies and organizations to assert their presence in global markets.
In such a changing world, NTT DATA utilizes wide-ranging and objective intelligence gathering to examine the current state of businesses that are achieving growth by making the most of IT, and compiles its findings and analysis in NTT DATA Technology Foresight, published annually since 2012 as a compass pointing the way to the future.

NTT DATA Technology Foresight 2023 Trends

NTT DATA Technology Foresight 2023 comprises an "Introduction" section and "Technology Trends" section. The Introduction section reaffirms the relationship between business and IT, while the Technology Trends section examines in detail the directions in which IT is evolving, and offers predictions on how this will affect corporate strategy.

NTT DATA Technology Foresight website

Introduction Section

The Introduction section presents the following three areas:

  • Growth Driven by IT
  • Borders Transcended by IT
  • The Future of IT

Technology Trends Section

The Technology Trends section highlights the following three trends:

  • Growth-Supporting Mainstream Technology
  • Border-Transcending Growth Technology
  • Future-Pioneering Emerging Technology

NTT DATA's Vision for the Future and Examples

NTT DATA utilizes NTT DATA Technology Foresight to create a vision of the future together with its customers around the world, and develops the technologies and services needed to realize that future. The following are representative examples from 2022.

  • Innovation centers established in six countries around the world.*1
  • Joint development of a data distribution platform to protect data sovereignty.*2

Going forward, NTT DATA Technology Foresight will continue to contribute to new business creation and the transformation of society.


  • 1. NTT DATA Launches Innovation Center in Six Countries(August 19, 2022)
    In the technology strategy set forth in its mid-term management plan, NTT DATA is working in three technology domains (emerging, growth, and mainstream) according to the maturity of its technology. Innovation Center, established within NTT DATA in August 2022, focuses on advanced technologies of emerging domains, which are expected to become mainstream within the next five to ten years, such as quantum computers and metaverse. It aims to create new businesses through co-creation R&D with innovative customers. It will also strengthen relationships with universities and startups to assess advanced technologies, and broadly accumulate information on leading technologies in each region to establish world-leading research and development teams.
  • 2. NTT Com and NTT DATA to Develop Data-sharing Eco-system that Interconnects with Europe's Catena-X Platform to Protect Data Sovereignty(May 26, 2022)
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