NTT DATA Photo Grand Prix 2018

NTT DATA Photo Grand Prix is an annual photo contest for all of the NTT DATA Group’s 110,000-plus employees worldwide.

This event aims at “One NTT DATA”, uniting employees with different languages,

cultures and backgrounds through a universal communication tool - “photographs”,

The theme for 2018 is “Trust”, representing the group vision of NTT DATA.

Each photographer portrayed the visual image and the worldview that NTT DATA aims for.

Unity is strength

Introduction: A series of photographs related to street dance and aimed to describe the elegance with which you can respond to customer requests.


Introduction: From a true enemy in the beginning to a real friendship at the end.They learned to live, trust, share together and grew up an amazing connection.

Trust your next step

Introduction: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, trust on yours.

Building the trust

Introduction: A team that works together and with confidence will be able to face and overcome any challenge.

We support each other

Introduction: This photo was taken during a team building activity for the Guadalajara Service Desk. This group of people leaning backwards, supporting each other's weigh, a representation of our mutual trust

You make me stronger

Introduction: My little Odie has shown me day after day the confidence that I inspire him. He is a dog with fears, but when I am at his side, he advances forward with a firm footing, without looking back

Neuro AI Judging

In addition to the 6 photographs above, NTT DATA Photo Grand Prix 2018 awarded 1 more photograph below selected by “NeuroAI D-Planner”, a neuromarketing solution invented by NTT DATA.

We place a higher value on a photograph that has implications more similar to “Trust”, the theme for this year’s contest, based on the results of a comparison between information obtained through brain activity prediction of viewers (decoding cognition) and the theme, or messages conveyed by the photograph.

NYC Summer 2018

Introduction: Summer evening picture from Empire state Bldg

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