NTT DATA Photo Grand Prix 2016

NTT DATA Photo GrandPrix is an annual photo contest for all of the NTT DATA Group’s 80,000-plus employees worldwide.

This event aims at “One NTT DATA”, uniting employees with different languages,

cultures and backgrounds through a universal communication tool - “Photography”.

The theme for 2016 is “Your Values”.

This year, each photographer portrayed his/her valuable

“thing(s)”, “person(s)” or “moment” to

share them with as many people as possible or to keep them forever.

Hearts as one

The sense of security generated by the trust of “Client First.” I will make every judgment so that clients can rely on me with security.

Warmth: Nukumori

The warmth of old-fashioned handmade things is still valuable. In this digital age, I will provide hearty service to clients as a member of my team.

Lizard in the desert

When I saw the lizard walked forward step by step steadily, suffering from the heat, I had a renewed sense of the importance of perseverance. To take advantage of the three values of “Clients First,” “Foresight,” and “Teamwork”, it is very important to have a strong mind.


United we stand, divided we fall.

Your Values(collage of the photographs submitted)

Photo mosaic artwork created based mainly on the GrandPrix-awarded photograph with other photographs submitted.

Neuro AI Judging

In addition to the 4 photographs above, NTT DATA Photo GrandPrix 2016 awarded 3 more photographs below selected by neuro AI judging, which adopted our neuro-marketing solution.

We place a higher value on a photograph that has implications more similar to “Your Values”, the theme for this year’s contest, based on the results of a comparison between information obtained through brain activities of viewers (perception decoding results) and the theme, or messages conveyed by the photograph.

Red hearts shine like the sun


The message of Values: One red leaf cannot make a beautiful autumn but many red leaves gather together can make a great view of autumn. As a value of NTT DATA, teamwork is so important to become a great company.


Masayuki Susaki [NTT DATA CUSTOMER SERVICE Corporation]

The great location is created only with local people’s hospitality. I want to become a system engineer who cares about clients like they do.

I won't lose!

Takaaki Hirano [NTT DATA Corporation]

I won’t lose even if clouds disturb me.

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