NTT DATA Photo Grand Prix 2021

NTT DATA Photo Grand Prix is an annual photo contest for all of the NTT DATA Group’s 140,000 employees worldwide.

This event aims at “One NTT DATA”, uniting employees with different languages, cultures and backgrounds through a universal communication tool - “photographs”.

The theme for 2021 is “Grow as One” and NTT DATA Brand.

Mysterious Heart

The heart-shaped light that can be seen only a few days out of the year. The scene created by the sun and clear water is very moving.


I shot this picture on June 29th 2021 in my neighborhood. It was a spectacular natural event to see how this rainbow seemed to grew into just one complete one. Similar to NTT grow as one!

In the same way

If we want to reach our target, we have to paddle in the same direction

Sunset race

This picture shows how we can grow and run as one, sharing the same goal, expressed in reaching the sea while having fun as a team.


The photo depicts a group of lanterns of a street shop in Vietnam. It represents the need to bring colour into our lives and work.

Head of Cutie Department

Every day he works hard to create a cozy and cute atmosphere in our office.

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