NTT DATA Photo Grand Prix 2020

NTT DATA Photo Grand Prix is an annual photo contest for all of the NTT DATA Group’s 130,000 employees worldwide.

This event aims at “One NTT DATA”, uniting employees with different languages,

cultures and backgrounds through a universal communication tool - “photographs”.

The theme for 2020 is “Togetherness~toward a better society~” and NTT DATA Brand.


Trust - The firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, strength. To be there for each other, always.

Under the sun

together we grow, together we have fun, together we rest, together we taste life under the sun.. and of course with a bit of blue drops

Stop and smell the flowers.

This photo was taken in beautiful Las Vegas at the Bellagio Casino Conservatory & Botanical Gardens. Each season at the Bellagio Conservatory brings a new display of colorful flowers and plants.

Bloom in the sun

The part that looks like a hydrangea flower is a decorative flower, and the center part is the fruit. While upholding our unchanging beliefs, we will continue to challenge ourselves to higher levels by making the most of each other's individuality and strengths. I felt that the flower blooming against the sun overlapped with the vision of the NTT DATA Group.

Wish the star

Currently, there are serious problems on Earth, but there is a theory that life was born on Earth in the first place because viruses fell from space. A shooting star might have carried it. What do you want in this world where co-existence with viruses is required?

The first hug

This is a picture of my 1 and a half year old daughter holding her for the first time after she had a younger sister. She was a baby a little while ago, but now she's a big sister.

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